skype on kubuntu?

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Nov 24 14:40:47 UTC 2007

Knapp wrote:
> > > this list provides
> > > support as would the automatix list. So it is supported.
> >
> > Then, maybe you should point to the Automatix list for support when
> > advertising for Automatix. While Automatix may be supported on the
> > Automatix list it isn't supported here.
> I would think you could use Google. 

Use Google for what?

> And if you are trying to imply that 
> I work of them or am paid in anyway by them then you are way off track
> and starting to sound like a Troll.

I don't think advertising for a free tool implies payment in any form, so 
I definitely didn't want to imly that you are paid by the Automatix team. 
But thanks for calling me a troll.

> > > Not giving advice because you feel that it is not as good as some
> > > other advice servers no one. Giving advice with the pros and cons
> > > is much better IMHO.
> >
> > But you didn't tell anything about pros and cons when advertising for
> > Automatix.
> How old are you anyway?

Sorry, why could my age be relevant here? 

> This is getting way passive aggressive. 
> You want cons then check out this.

No, I didn't ask for cons. Its just that you wrote about giving advice 
with pros and cons. However in your initial mail in this thread you only 
advised to use Automatix without mentioning any pros or cons. I think you 
are participating on this list and on the ubuntu-users list long enough 
to know that many people had problems after using Automatix. Therefore it 
might have been wise to include some hint that Automatix is a bit 


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