skype on kubuntu?

Knapp magick.crow at
Sat Nov 24 13:45:45 UTC 2007

> > this list provides
> > support as would the automatix list. So it is supported.
> Then, maybe you should point to the Automatix list for support when
> advertising for Automatix. While Automatix may be supported on the
> Automatix list it isn't supported here.

I would think you could use Google. And if you are trying to imply that I
work of them or am paid in anyway by them then you are way off track and
starting to sound like a Troll.

> > Not giving advice because you feel that it is not as good as some other
> > advice servers no one. Giving advice with the pros and cons is much
> > better IMHO.
> But you didn't tell anything about pros and cons when advertising for
> Automatix.

How old are you anyway?  This is getting way passive aggressive.
You want cons then check out this.
There are plenty of places that a person can find a fair and even account of
what Automatix can and can't do. The Devs even wrote a really nice bit about
there thoughts. It was not all bad.
I have read that Automatix is also being debated by the Devs for inclusion
in future releases and liked by more that half of the users. Can it be all
bad? One more question. Have you ever known of anyone having problems with
an upgrade with apt-get or the like? How about a system upgrade? Did the
Ubuntu way work perfectly for all? All open source has problems and we can
all file bug reports and help to make it a better system. That is what it is
all about. This is free software, with all it's greatness and problems.

As to Terence, have you had your system wrecked?  Or is this like alligators
in the NY drains? What happened? I have never seen a system wrecked but I
have seen a few small problems. Was the system backed up?
On second thought, I am done with this. I have been feeding the trolls
again. There are lots of posts all over the net about this subject. Why
waste more time? Read, learn, and help open source grow with good vibes and
good work.
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