frozen update

Anton Rolls anton at
Sat Nov 24 01:15:41 GMT 2007


uriah heep wrote:
> Tried to update to 7.10 and the update has been sitting on libbz2.1.0 
> all day.  What do I need to do next.  As you may note I am a slow newbie 
> so please use beginners instructions.
> Uriah

Have you tried cancelling and trying again ?
It might be a case of just trying again later (ie. tomorrow),
maybe the site where libbz2.1.0 is located can't be reached
at the moment.
I'm a relatively new Kubuntu 7.04 user myself, and I've done
a fair few minor upgrades (not full upgrades).
Adept doesn't always work 100% smoothly. It works pretty well,
but sometimes there is a problem. You just need to try again.



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