configuring dell wireless card on thinkpad T21

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Nov 23 18:30:05 GMT 2007

ndemalia armstrong wrote:

> Derek! i don't think i understand fully well what u intended to say, i
> don't know if this a guestion or just a comment....LOL, anyway I used  the
> installer to install ndiswrapper and it associates i also have the driver
> for the card and i do have wine install too, however can't seem to install
> the driver  for this wireless card any idea on how to install this drive?

I don't see how you can have ndiswrapper installed, have the
NIC "associate", and still have a problem.  If it associates, the driver
must be working.

Wine isn't involved - you just use ndiswrapper to install the Windows
drivers (as described in the man page).

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