Qemu PCI Bug -- Minix 3.1.2a -- Pinning

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:27:18 UTC 2007


Does anyone in this list run Minix under qemu? It seems there
is a "PCI'' problem so that qemu 0.9.0 can not emulate the
REALTEK 8029 ethernet chip. Please let me know if you have
heard this problem (and solution -- URLs, mailing lists, etc.).

Meanwhile, I have un-installed qemu, and put back manually
qemu 0.8.X into /usr/local/bin. I have tried to read "APT HOWTO"
about pinning; but unfortunately it is too difficult to digest for me.

Is there any "Pinning for Dummies" document available;
with step by step instruction on how to keep a previous
version of a package?

thank you!

Raja Ali M.I. Ilias, Bengkalis, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AliMilis
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