Help with installation of Gutsy 7.10

ppalma at ppalma at
Wed Nov 21 12:32:14 UTC 2007

I installed Gutsy on my laptop (Win XP + Gutsy) yesterday and almost
everything went smoothly, but toward the end I did something  silly. In
trying to have a secondary larger monitor(found by the system) I probably
selected the wrong configuration or something as when I rebooted (as
requested by the installer) I get a black screen and nothing else. If I
reboot and choose the safe mode I get to a command root prompt, but at that
point I do not know what to do to change the configuration. Any help or
suggestion for an old (agewise) newby?
The sytem is a laptop Vaio SZ330 with 2 Meg DDR 2 memory, 120 Gig HDD, and
a and a NVidia GE Force 7400 card. What other info are needed. TYIA
Patrick (Alpino 65)
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