Installing Vmware/WinXP on Kubuntu 7.10

Juergen Sauer juergen.sauer at
Mon Nov 12 10:40:56 UTC 2007

Am Mittwoch, 7. November 2007 schrieb Jim:
> Where is a good howto to install Vmware/WinXP on Kubuntu-7.10 ??

IMHO is VmWare quite Tricky and may force an nasty effort to make it running.
(See: proprietary driver modules have to be compiled)

We used vmware vor more than two years, but the efforts to keep it running
are ugly.

So we switched over to VirtualBox -

Since then everything works nearly fine and in good performance (refer to the USB Thread).

The Virtual Box package for Gusty and Dapper are working out-of-the-Box like a charm.

Innotek made a good job ;->>

J. Sauer

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