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anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 30 21:02:08 UTC 2007

Derek Broughton wrote:

>Roman Wissner wrote:
>>Mark Wallace wrote:
>>>The site you refer to is almost five years old.
>>>  The premise is also no longer true.   Open Office opens .doc files and
>>>  I haven't seen too many problems in formatting.   It probably didn't in
>>>  2002.  It implies that Open Office isn't as versatile as it really is.
>>I didn't actually want to start a discussion about this, but these are
>>the reasons for doing so:
>>I think that Microsoft Office documents best viewed using MS Office;
>>when I try to open them in OpenOffice I can read them but they will look
>>slightly different to what they should look like. 
>I've got no bones about discussing it at all :-)
>If you send me a Word document (or a Powerpoint) I _will_ be able to read
>it.  I really doubt you're going to be happy with the results if it's
>complex and I make some mods and send it back to you though.  otoh, most
>Windows systems don't have the tools to make something platform independent
>that I could modify and send back, so I tend to accept Word documents and
>let the originator worry if I screw up their formatting.
Just to set the record straight,
I am a translator, and clients send me documents in .doc, .xls AND .ppt 
format, all the time.
I edit them (translating them from French, Spanish or Portuguese to 
English) and return them,
using Openoffice.org.
About 90% of my work comes to me in these MSOffice formats (the 
remainder coming as
hard copies, faxes or .pdf files).
I do all of it with Openoffice.org.
That´s how I pay the rent.
No client has ever complained of errors in the formatting of the final 
product.  Ever.
Most of them don´t even know I am not using windows and msorifice.


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