Strange issue upgrading from Edgy to Feisty -- or is it an issue?

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Apr 29 02:56:06 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:

> I am going to try and answer this one.....
> What I gather from seeing the posts on the development of the upgrade tool
> and watching it work first-hand.....hey I even tried to break it to find
> its points of failure.....what I learned in all of this is that
> essentially the upgrade tool remaps your sources.list file to Feisty, then
> downloads and installs the packages for you.  

I had that work _once_.  Not since (two other tries).  In the latter cases,
it simply refused to tell me there was an upgrade available.  

> This makes the upgrade tool an add-on 
> application to Adept Updater (rather than a separate program) that
> prevents you from having to do the work via more manual methods, such as
> apt-get, etc. What I can tell you about the reliability of this tool is
> that if you kill the power to your machine in the middle of its download
> and restart Adept Updater it will return to the point where the download
> was stopped.

otoh, my experience was disastrous.  It might work if it's in the middle of
_download_ but heaven help you if it's already started to install the
downloaded packages.

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