Importing mail and contact into thunderbird

Axel Mohr admin at
Wed Apr 25 14:55:47 UTC 2007


try this:
- create a profile with thunderbird, the content is not important
- this will result in a foulder for your profile, with a name similar to
- quit thunderbird
- delete the whole content of this profile folder
- copy the whole content of your old thunderbird-profile-folder to the
new one
- start thunderbird and work happily with your old profile, including
addressbook, Mail-Folders, extensions, E-Mail accounts, stored passwords
and so on

maybe there are better ways, but up to now, it works fine for me - even
when moving from Windows to Linux.

But I have no idea, if or how this works with Seamonkey or Mozilla.

Hope, this helps!

Greetings, Axel

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