nvidia drivers ....

Luca Mollica mollica.luca at hsr.it
Tue Feb 28 16:58:00 UTC 2006

Well, Matt, thank you very much for your suggestion: I only will be able 
to check this evening if your advice is fine or not, then I will prompt 
the result of such an operation, I hope.

The question is more subtle, BTW: I do not get the point of the usage of 
such "restricted" kernel modules. I mean, I have exeriences with other 
distro and I had never experienced such a problem and never faced, 
moreover, with restricted kernel modules. This is due to my ignorance, 
maybe: do you have any suggested further readings for this topic and, 
more in general, an introduction to the ABC of kernel modules and files 
handling ?



> I had the same problem. you probalby have not installed the right version of 
> the restricted kernel modules. 
> I had just installed some version like linux-2.6.15-14 but the modules were 
> for version 2.6.15-12
> so you may just have to look for the correct package

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