USB mount problem - back to microsoft?

Dominik Raffelsbauer raffelsbauer at
Mon Feb 13 10:21:30 UTC 2006

Hi Mark,

sorry, but I don't have any idea, but I had the same problem without
adding any device.

Non of my usb devices could be mounted - neither manually nor
automatically - by anyone.

reading your mail I tried it again and - what a surprise! It works, my
USB-stick is mounted!

First I had the same error:
could not find /dev/sdX in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
Now it works again. But I haven't added anyting to my fstab.

I really would like to know what happend! Seems to me like good old MS
times - the system does what it wants...

Any ideas?
Maybe anyone here can explain how an usb device is mounted
(automatically and manually), so I will understand what happend...

Thanks, Dominik

Mark Kelly schrieb:
> Hi
> I'm running Kububtu 5.04 x86, and I have a problem with the usb hotplug 
> system. It all worked perfectly (user could insert and use their own usb 
> sticks, icons popped up on the desktop, very nice) until I added a SATA hdd 
> to the system. 
> Now, only the main user (me, the first user created during install) can use 
> usb devices. The icons still appear on the desktop, but clicking on them 
> results in an empty Konqueror window (path media:/sdb1) and an error 
> requestor.
>     Could not mount device.
>     The reported error was:
>     mount: could not find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab.
> If I mount the drive (a compact flash card reader) it's fine only for me - 
> flipping to my wife's login in another session still doesn't get her access 
> - this time the message is
>     Could not enter folder /media/sdb1
> The SATA drive I added is not mounted or used at all from Kububtu, in case 
> that is relevant. I have tried several usb devices (I have an external hdd 
> for backups and a thumb drive) with the same results.
> Has anyone any idea how I can fix this? It would be nice if my wife could 
> get her pictures off the card - I feel terribly guilty as it was my idea to 
> add the new drive :)
> Thanks
> Mark

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