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Sun Feb 12 15:59:18 UTC 2006

Liz Young wrote:

>On Thursday 09 February 2006 17:48, Art Alexion wrote:
>>any pointers to a users' manual, tutorial or how-to.  I can't find
>>documentation anywhere.  I want to shrink a partition and the resized
>>command is grayed out.  I have unmounted the partition.  Still grayed
>What type of partition?  If it's ext3, you need to first remove the 
>journal with tune2fs, and qtparted will be able to resize it.  I think 
>I web searched with keywords "qtparted +ext3" before, but here are my 
>notes from OSSWatchKnoppix:
>Ext3 is just Ext2 + a journal.
>Assuming you have a *cleanly unmounted* ext3 partition (run fsck -f on 
>it to be sure); you can safely:
>1) erase the journal (i.e. convert to ext2)
>tune2fs -o ^has_journal <your partition>
>2) resize it as an ext2 partition
>3) recreate the journal
>tunes2fs -j <your partition>
Thanks, Liz.  I had unmounted, but hadn't known the journal issue.


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