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Fri Oct 14 11:53:47 CDT 2005

On Oct 14, 2005, at 17:31, Derek Broughton wrote:

> Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
>> On Oct 14, 2005, at 15:36, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> So what you are suggesting is to not touch dist-upgrade in case it's
>> suggesting these kind of radical things (as shown in my last mail)?
> Absolutely not!  You're trying to upgrade from Hoary to Breezy - of  
> _course_
> it's going to make a lot of changes.  However, whenever there's  
> this much
> happening I do "upgrade" first, followed by "dist-upgrade".   
> Upgrade will
> never add or remove anything, it only upgrades currently installed
> packages.  So what happens when you're doing regular updates of the  
> testing
> stage (breezy until this week, dapper soon) is that "upgrade" usually
> installs a lot of stuff, making the "dist-upgrade" step much less
> frightening.

   OK, now since you're all saying I should do the dist-upgrade, I'll  
do it...
And if something screws up badly you'll hear me scream all the way  
from Finland... ;-)

The files are getting downloaded as we speak... and it'll take a  
couple of hours due to my slow line... So it's not yet too late to  
interupt in case there's good reason to.
But on the other hand, then there should be some solution on how to  
go further from here... because at some point I will have to upgrade  
my stuff...

>> Instead I should just wait and see if I can get this fixed later on
>> just using upgrade, right?
> No, it can't possibly happen.
> Meanwhile, you say you had trouble finding information about the  
> upgrade
> process - I've seen at least three posts on this group telling you  
> where to
> find it.

I didn't look here... I started at the place where it should be, the  
infopages at the website... (This is a trivial task that most people  
will have to do anyways...)
Then I started digging through the forums, and eventually found some  
hints... Just commons searching through forums and stuff, but I was  
surprised not to find the info almost immediately.

Speaking of the forums... I just noticed that there are now different  
Kubuntu forums plus this mailinglist, wouldn't there be a reason to  
unify these resources? Now there's at least the Kubuntu section under  
de Ubuntu forum, the separate Kubuntu forum and this mailinglist. In  
a sense I think that the most sensible place to discuss would be  
under the Ubuntu forum, since Kubuntu and Ubuntu have such a lot of  
things in common. Or essentially they're one single distro pretending  
to be two. :-)

   cheers, Simon
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