Anti-Virus: Clamav

Irena and Richard Jenkins richard.jenkins at
Thu Apr 21 02:23:00 UTC 2005


Is anyone else out there using 'clamav' for anti-virus protection.  I 
downloaded it from the universe repository IIRC, and it now shows as a tool 
within my Kmail system.  Seems to configure easily, but I am not sure of its 
effectiveness ...

I should not worry too much because although I have an ADSL connection it is 
not connected at all times ... and I use Kubuntu with an iMac ... making me 
resistant to winblowes viruses.  I am aware I should not be circulating virus 
material though ... hence my interest in anti-virus programs.


Irena & Richard Jenkins                          VK1NDV & VK1RJ
Canberra,  AUSTRALIA

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