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Hi Richard,

On Thursday 21 April 2005 04:23, Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:
> Is anyone else out there using 'clamav' for anti-virus protection.  I
> downloaded it from the universe repository IIRC, and it now shows as
> a tool within my Kmail system.  Seems to configure easily, but I am
> not sure of its effectiveness ...
> I should not worry too much because although I have an ADSL
> connection it is not connected at all times ... and I use Kubuntu
> with an iMac ... making me resistant to winblowes viruses.  I am
> aware I should not be circulating virus material though ... hence my
> interest in anti-virus programs.

Some thoughts ...

I'd say the risk is indeed pretty low, although I don't have any 
experience with clamav (nor do I have with viruses themselves, 

The fact that most viruses target windows systems and that you're not 
running windows anywhere makes clamav pretty needless in my eyes. Also, 
the chance that you're accidentally spreading a virus is rather low I 
think since you're aware of the problem and wouldn't send someone 
deliberately an infected file. The chance that the virus spreads itself 
from your machine via your emailclient is also not too big.

So I'd argue that you probably don't even need clamav (I think its main 
purpose is to scan on a mailserver where windows clients download their 
mail from, which is obviously not the case for you).

Have a nice day,

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