proprietary w32codecs don't work with Kaffeine

Sander van Loon svloon at
Sat Apr 16 19:45:41 UTC 2005

I downloaded the w32codecs with kynaptic from the marillat repository, but it 
still doesn't seem to work. I double checked that all the codecs are placed 
in /usr/lib/win32, Kaffeine's Xine config also says that Xine checks for the 
codecs in that directory, but it still doesn't work.
 I used this page to test: 
(click "(BB)" to open a windows media stream) I opened the stream, Konqueror 
then asks if I want to play it with Kaffeine, I click yes, then it gives an 
error message saying that there "isn't a plugin to handle this resource". works fine though, so I think that it's only a problem 
with the windows media and real codecs?

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