my 2 bits worth

Bob Jarman rjarman at
Sun Apr 17 01:49:56 UTC 2005


Having just purchased SuSE 9.3Pro Update, and being quite unhappy with 
several things that 'simply just don't work for me', I think I qualify 
as one of the Linux users considering coming over to the 'ubuntu way'.  
Last week I played around with kubuntu and was quite happy, especially 
since the non-functional apps of SuSE worked in kubuntu.  I was, 
however, confused and spent more than several hours trying to get the 
'user comforts' I was accustomed to having installed automatically by 
Red Hat and SuSE - midnight commander (which I used religiously as QDOS 
in DOS 3.1), webmin, and kbear to name a few.  Locating the earlier 
release of glibc required by mc was like finding the proverbial needle...

Anyway, I've just trashed my latest install of SUSE to install ubuntu - 
my first step will be to find how to get KDE 3.4 and install it - from 
there I'll continue to explore. 

So, FWIW, I'd opt for the 2 or 3 CD versions.



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