Does Kubuntu have what it takes to become the ultimate KDE distro?

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at
Sat Apr 16 20:40:42 UTC 2005

¡ Hola

> Does Kubuntu have what it takes to become the ultimate KDE distro?

Well, at least it has a K as the beguinning letter lol (sorry, couldn't 

El Sábado 16 Abril 2005 21:39, Alexander Antoniades escribió:
> After reading the discusion on Hoary Kubuntu defaults I was glad to
> see that we were all along the same lines of making Kubuntu easy to
> use and having sensible defaults.
> However what has bothered me since the release of Hoary and somewhat
> since the Mark Shuttleworth's interview on Slashdot is where does
> Canonical see Kubuntu fitting in to the Ubuntu family?
> Currently, as per John Riddel on #kubuntu a couple of days ago, there
> are no Canonical employees working on this project and Mark basically
> equated it with XFCE/ubuntu which I can't see having anywhere near the
> level of interest as Kubuntu.

Seriously, I think you need not to misunderstanding what Mark said: He 
mentioned XFCE regarding Kubuntu because they're two comunity born & driven 
efforts, because he and his company sees comunity as the force of Ubuntu.

Maybe there's no Canonical employee working in Kubuntu specifically, but don't 
understimate the comunity: the whole KDE project or Debian for that matter 
started like Kubuntu.

> This and the ambient KDE sucks junk from ubuntu regulars (see the
> Gnome or KDE thread on ubuntu-users) makes me wonder if I shouldn't
> look elsewhere for the ultimate KDE distribution.
> I like the Debian system, and I like a lot of what Canonical stands
> for, but it's my feeling that KDE is a friendlier more focused desktop
> environment, and I want a free as in beer KDE desktop distribution
> that I can recommend and install on people's machines when they want
> to know about linux.

I dislike those who scorn other people efforts, it so destructive.. On the 
other hand, I really don't feel that Ubuntu comunity is that way. They of 
course tend to be Gnome-biased, but I don't feel that they're against KDE. 
There are a *lot* of people who like KDE and also like Ubuntu, and those are 
the needed ingredients for the ultimate KDE distribution ;-).

> If Kubuntu is just going to be an afterthought to the ubuntu maybe I
> should look elsewhere.
> Just my $0.02,
> Sander

It's an after and it's a thought, but it's not an afterthought! It seems to me 
that KDE + Ubuntu is just something that was bound to happen given the 
popularity of KDE and the big and multicultural comunity surrounding ubuntu.

Just my 0.02 €?,
       Edulix !

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