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Tue Apr 12 21:45:47 UTC 2005

begin  Sebastian Kügler dedi ki:
> On Tuesday 12 April 2005 02:29, ar018 at wrote:

>> Consistent look and feel across various platforms are one of the main
>> appeals of these apps. Spoiling this would only harm Kubuntu, I'm
>> afraid. So I would rather both Ubuntu and Kubuntu wouldn't touch
>> their look&feel.
> I'd consider consistenst look 'n feel _on_the_same_ platform even more
> important.

> IMO apps should use just *one* kind of these dialogues, it makes things
> more consistent,

You have a reason too. Well, then I guess some sort of compromise could be
in order. As long as general look&feel of the environment in which a user
will spend overwhelming majority of his time is the same, then it should
be conceivable to have secondary features (such as file open dialogs)
inheriting the desktop behavior. I feel it would be even better.

But the main application UI should still be the same across platforms,

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