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On Tuesday 12 April 2005 02:29, ar018 at wrote:
> > I've installed the firefox and thunderbird packages, which are
> > based on GTK and Gnomified. It works find, but brought a lot of
> > dependencies. Do you know if the Mozilla Qt that was developed
> > during last Akademy is still alive, and if it is planned to be used
> > in Kubuntu?

> Unfortunately some Ubuntu packages are needlessly Gnomified in a
> hardcoded way. It would be very nice if Ubuntu packages could become
> more modular and desktop agnostic.
> That said, I don't believe in touching the look and feel of certain
> well established apps such as Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice
> among the big three (Linux, Windows, Mac). These apps are (1) primary
> bridges from Windows to Linux providing the same look and feel across
> multiple platforms, (2) important enablers for companies in mixing
> different platforms (continuously or while migrating).
> Consistent look and feel across various platforms are one of the main
> appeals of these apps. Spoiling this would only harm Kubuntu, I'm
> afraid. So I would rather both Ubuntu and Kubuntu wouldn't touch
> their look&feel.

I'd consider consistenst look 'n feel _on_the_same_ platform even more 
important. I strongly dislike the 'stock' file open dialogues of both, 
OpenOffice and Firefox, the Gnome one is definitely an improvement. 
Also, I use the gimp and a couple of other GTK apps quite regularly on 
my KDE desktop, so I'm also a little used to this dialogue (which has, 
btw, greatly improved for some time new - the old one was not 
userfriendly, IMO). One drawback however is that firefox seems to get a 
bunch of dependencies because of that gnomification which seem to have 
a lot of overhead, but diskspace is cheap and user-friendliness is much 
more important to me.

IMO apps should use just *one* kind of these dialogues, it makes things 
more consistent, you don't have to set up bookmarks for that for every 
single apps (in Firefox and OpenOffice it's not even possible) and it 
probably prevents overhead. So as long as there's no KDE-ified Firefox 
and OpenOffice yet, please keep the GNOME dialogues, they are more 
user-friendly than the stock ones and there's no point in having 
_yet_another_ kind of file open dialogue. (Based on "4 different things 
is less consistent than 2".)

What is more - I'd like to have OpenOffice use that dialogue, too. Is 
there some sort of env-var to handle that? When are KDE-ified OOo 
packages to be expected? (I saw them already, with nice icons and the 
KDE filechooser last year in november, but that was horribly unstable.)


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