Discussion about changing application process/rules

Dan Streetman ddstreet at canonical.com
Mon Nov 15 16:02:26 UTC 2021

This is an email to further the suggestion raised in this post:

Specifically, a discussion around the requirement to apply at one of
the scheduled IRC meetings.

There is an existing exception:
"For part of the world (e.g APAC) where the DMB meeting times can be
challenging to attend due to the timezone gap, note that the DMB
usually tries to be accomodating. While the preference always remains
the irc interview meeting, the DMB team can exceptionally do the
interview by email if the applicant cannot make the regular meeting
times. Please reach out to the DMB team to let them know about it if
you fall into this category."

The suggestion is to reverse this; make applying via mailing list the
'standard' application method, and make realtime IRC meeting
application the 'exception'.

Note there has been a bit of previous discussion on the ML as replies
to the original email, as linked above. If anyone (especially board
members) has more thoughts/comments/concerns on this topic, please
jump into this discussion. I'd like to eventually craft a proposal for
some kind of change on this item.


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