[xubuntu-users] On 18.10 the onboard keyboard of my laptop isn't working properly

wepiro wepiro at gmx.com
Thu Nov 15 19:29:41 UTC 2018

That did it. Thank you!

On 11/15/2018 17:39, wepiro wrote:
> I just installed Xubuntu 18.10 on an Acer A0531h laptop. It's a 2010 
> Netbook with a 32-bit CPU [1].
> There is something wrong with the onboard keyboard (the one fixed on the 
> laptop). I press "l" and I get "3". An external keyboard is working as 
> it should, as is the virtual one. The problem persists inside XFCE (past 
> the login screen). The problem didn't exist during installation.
> Any ideas?
> [1] Full specs here: 
> https://www.cnet.com/products/acer-aspire-one-pro-531h-0bk-10-1-atom-n270-win-xp-home-1-gb-ram-160-gb-hdd-series/specs/ 

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