[xubuntu-users] Difference: Xubuntu install vs xubuntu package

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at mtneva.com
Fri Oct 6 15:33:55 UTC 2017

On 10/05/2017 10:50 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Oct 2017 21:51:37 -0600, Stuart McGraw wrote:
>> I have compared the packages installed on both systems.  The 
>> Ubuntu+xubuntu system has nearly all the packages that the 
>> Xubuntu-desktop system has, and the few that it is missing don't 
>> seem to be likely to be related to this problem.)
> And the Ubuntu+xubuntu system doesn't have packages the Xubuntu-desktop
> system doesn't provide? 

"doesn't provide" -> "does provide", yes?
Just a few and they seem unrelated to networking:
  firefox-locale-en, hyphen-en-us, language-pack-en, language-pack-en-base,
  language-pack-gnome-en, language-pack-gnome-en-base, mythes-en-us,
  thermald, thunderbird-locale-en, thunderbird-locale-en-us, wbritish

> Even if not, keep in mind that the network for
> the Ubuntu server image already needed to work, before any X
> related, let alone Xubuntu related packages were installed, while the
> install from the Xubuntu image might (or might not) establish a
> connection with the Xubuntu tools, but perhaps at least by a
> graphically environment. IOW the first way to establish an Internet
> connection most likely differs.

It seems so. ;-)   So I guess my question becomes how to adjust things
after the install so that things work like they would have had I done
a straight Xubuntu-desktop release install.

It's not a matter of huge importance to me -- my machine has a single
permanent wired connection so having an applet that allows for per-
user control of the network is kind of moot.  But it was convenient 
in the past (on other machines) for temporarily enabling and disabling
the network.  And I'd like to understand the cause of the difference 
in case it is symptomatic of other problems that may show up later.

> I already wonder about the path /etc/networks/interfaces .
> Perhaps just a typo.  

Yes, it should have been "network", not "networks".  Sorry.

> However, on my Ubuntu and Arch install I access the Internet by my own
> scripts started by systemd units, so I can't comment on NetworkManager
> and it's GUIs.

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