[xubuntu-users] Need help with needing help and support

avengethecathars avengethecathars at juno.com
Fri Jun 23 21:04:20 UTC 2017

HelloI humbly need your help because I am out of options. I realize this is not a help list, but I am reaching maximum frustration.I am trying to log in to the xubuntu irc help channel.When I go to https://xubuntu.org/irc/ it tells me to log in via the interface below.However, my screen shows no interface below. I have tried switching browsers (firefox to MS Edge) and updating java, to no avail. Where there should be an interface, there is a large blank surrounded by a rounded off rectangle.Any help you can give for how to join the IRC xubuntu help chat (with which I have had great luck before) would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance.P.
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