[xubuntu-users] Noticeable drop in performance of Xenial

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulbiss at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 20:16:58 UTC 2017

On Mon, 19 Jun 2017 23:04:12 +0530
Apurv Jyotirmay <apurvj199512 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've got a Xubuntu 16.04 LTS installation as my primary system, but
> the system has started to lag a lot. Earlier everything would go
> smoothly, but now lightDM would take about a 40 seconds to show after
> booting up, then Firefox would start to lag over time and it doesn't
> matter if I restart Firefox 54, the sluggishness isn't solved. Google
> Chrome takes around 2 minutes to launch and be usable, every single
> time I would run it. And then the performance issue gradually
> increases forcing me to restart the system to get smoother
> performance.
> I've got 6GB of RAM, but the usage never goes above 2GB. The
> following is my system configuration: http://imgur.com/a/XRdhd

I thought it was just me. MY Lenovo X201 with a 480GB SSD  takes 105
seconds for the login screen to appear and my desktop a Dell XPS
8300 about 50 seconds for the login screen. With 14.04 the Lenovo
needed 10 - 15 seconds for the login screen to appear.

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