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On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 3:19 PM, fred roller <fredroller66 at gmail.com> wrote:

> ..hmmm,
> even the apple seed dreams of being a fruitful tree one day.  That said,
> know the difference between profit and greed.  And turning the wheel
> sharply to come back to topic...
> Proprietary OS's are extrinsically motivated in profit, power, et al.
> Linux is intrinsically motivated for a community to increase it's
> collective knowledge.  Why else would I be here at 3 in the a.m. partaking
> in this discussion?  I gain nothing but to a) offer my view (right or
> wrong) and b) to learn from the views posted.  My knowledge, whether I
> agree or not with the points, will be more rounded.  This is Linux/FOSS to
> me.

A big part of FOSS is still motivated by money.  Successful FOSS projects
have corporate backing.  Many companies donate money or manpower to FOSS
projects because it is more cost effective to them doing so.

Another culture that many developers do is to participate in FOSS project
to have a more appealing resume.  Some consulting companies control a FOSS
project and make all their employees (regardless if good devs or just
ordinary) to be committers of these big time projects.  To be a selling
point.  I know this because there is one time, we asked help from such
company to provide us with around 10 developers to help us in our project
for about a year.  They said out of 10 they are sending us, 3 are
committers to a very popular FOSS project.  When I get to know the devs,
they are all just ordinary.  And so I asked the committers, what did you
contribute? One of them said "Oh I wrote some unit test, that's all".  I
asked, how come you were approved to be a committer?  They answered, the
pioneer of the projects are employees of their company.  So they
manipulated the FOSS project to their advantage. Very sad.

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