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On 01/08/2017 09:24 AM, Ulli Horlacher wrote:

> Environment variables like PATH must be placed in /etc/profile or
> $HOME/.profile
> $HOME/.bash_aliases is for - oh-wonder! - bash aliases!
> Do not mix them!

You'll get a lot of varied opinions on this kind of topic, but 
~/.profile is actually where sh (Bourne) and ksh (Korn) shells get their 
per-account initialization / customization values (seems like ksh also 
reads ~/.kshrc, maybe? been a while).

There are probably other shells that read them as well. Bash does read 
them, but out of compatibility, as it does /etc/profile, IIRC. For bash, 
I usually put per-terminal-instance values in ~/.bashrc and general 
per-login values in ~/.bash_profile. From appearances, *unbuntu also 
uses /etc/bash.bashrc.

I typically don't stay on the leading edge of software, so I tend to use 
long-established conventions.



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