[xubuntu-users] Why does Firefox persist as default browser in some contexts...

fred roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:09:34 UTC 2017

| You're right about T-bird, it took an extension to get it to use Chrome.
But I've had it happen with software that has no such configuration. For
example, just this evening with Areca backup.


Pulled the following default config for Areca.  Programmers may sometimes
hard code the options.  I suggest you find "fwk.properties" and amend the
"os.browsers= " to include "google-chrome-stable" I think it will resolve
this programs issue.  Caveat, I am not a programmer, just been mucking
around the Linux system for a bit and understand the beauty in it's
simplicity.  While hopefully this discussion will prompt the developers,
who are grossly under appreciated imho btw, to a more unified convention;
we can get by with these little fixes.  Hope this helps and you are able to
ferret out the other programs you are having issue with on your system.

# Miscellaneous settings
backup.debug = false
cache.preload = false
os.browsers = firefox, opera, konqueror, epiphany, mozilla, netscape
 <<<-- these are the browsers is in order of priority presumably
sse.protocols = SSL, TLS, TLS-P, TLS-C
repository.check.consistency = true
log.default.history = 10
delta.debug = false

-- Fred
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