[xubuntu-users] Why does Firefox persist as default browser in some contexts...

Len Philpot lphilpot01 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 02:34:23 UTC 2017

My understanding is, that's what 'exo-open --launch WebBrowser' is 
designed to fix. It handles the aliasing between a black box API-ish 
call the program makes and the actual browser that ends up being called 
on the back end. All the caller has to know is, "exo-open --launch 
WebBrowser". Problem is, mine is set to Chrome, but Firefox still opens 
far too often. I happen to like Firefox (may go back to it someday), but 
I'm just using Chrome at the moment and the inconsistent behavior is 
mildly irritating.

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On 01/04/2017 08:01 PM, Dan Hitt wrote:
> Hi Fred and/or Len or anybody in the know,
> Supposing that you are writing a program that might want to open a
> browser, say to open a help file located somewhere on the web, what
> api would you use, in Xubuntu, to know what browser to use, and what
> the calling convention was?
> Or, in other words, if it's hard for a programmer to know how to look
> up the user's favorite browser, there will probably be programs
> popping up here and there where each one makes its own guess about
> what browser to use.  :)
> In this particular case, i did a google search for 'api
> site:xubuntu.org' (without the quotes), and came up with 6 matches,
> none of which looked promising.
> I also couldn't find anything on xubuntu.org by directly clicking
> around on their site, although that could certainly just be my own
> ineptness.
> So i think that programs should follow any preferences the user has
> made known to the system, and programmers wil be very happy to make
> this happen, but as a practical matter, there has to be some easily
> discovered documentation on what the api is for getting this
> information ---- even if it's just a pointer to another website (as
> in: "to find preferences in xubuntu, just follow the guidelines in
> ubuntu.com://path/to/api/docs").
> dan--
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