[xubuntu-users] toggle touchpad ON/OFF

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Sun Mar 27 04:56:07 UTC 2016

On Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:51:14 +0900
Thomas Blasejewicz <nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp> wrote:

> Good evening
> I have a "tuxtrans" installation = based on xubuntu 14.04 on a
> notebook computer.
> The PC itself does not have a special key to toggle the touchpad
> ON/OFF. Installation of "touchpad indicator" does not work (not on
> this and not on other computers)
> On another PC I have Mint 17.2 installation.
> There: "keyboard -> shortcut -> system (I think it was)" there is a
> setting "toggle touchpad".
> Specifying a shortcut key works like a charm.
> Is there a similar trick under xubuntu?
> The other day I asked about /boot problems and was told: the "system
> is very old".
> Would there be any chance that upgrading to 15 helps with the touchpad
> issue?
> Thank you.
> Thomas

Go to http://troubleshooters.com/lpm/201406/201406.htm, and search for
"Touchpad Mouse Toggle" (without the quotes), to see a shellscript that
works on any laptop with a standard touchpad and Linux and synclient
installed. Hotkey it, and it's fast enough to do most of your typing
sans-mouse, and quickly switch to mousing and back again.

And it's distro-agnostic, and not likely to be replaced by an upgrade.


Steve Litt 
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