[xubuntu-users] toggle touchpad ON/OFF - PERSONAL message

JWFJ jwfj77 at ymail.com
Sat Jul 23 02:55:10 UTC 2016

Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> Personal message
> Good "morning" (1:30 am) from Japan
> Please excuse this intrusion, but I wanted to send you a personal
> message to thank you for your encouragement.
> You, and one more person, were the only ones (in over 8 years) that
> offered me some positive feedback = encouragement.
> However, after trying (not "trying" - desperately struggling) to get
> friendly with Linux for more than EIGHT years (probably thousands of
> hours of effort), I have now given up.
> When over 8 years of struggle still almost does not get me anywhere
> past the basically automatic installation of the OS, when the concept
> of "working in this environment" forever remains a utopia "over the
> rainbow" ... then the whole idea of using Linux is unrealistic.
> I envy the people who have no problems.
> Me .. problems were practically the ONLY thing I ever experienced. I
> presume, I am just not smart enough to use Linux.
> And I am really sorry, that I could not turn your encouragement into a
> success story, like me becoming a happy, skilled Linux user.
> But, I wanted to express my gratitude for your advice.
> Thank you!
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

You wrote: "I envy the people who have no problems." I think if a poll
were taken the number a affirmations would be zero. If you are confining
your expression to Linux users, I can almost assure you that the number
would be zero.

For myself, I used Windows first (Windows 3.1), eventually using Windows
2000. Since then I have used Windows and Linux side by side. I began
with Mandrake Linux 6.4 (I think it was 6.4). My early days with
Mandrake was very, very frustrating. I could not even get it to install.
Eventually I discovered that there was a software glitch in the iso
image. But, I kept pressing on, dual booting many different Linuxes over
the years. When necessary I used Windows, but when time allowed I kept
on learning Linux. Eventually I got to the point, and Linux matured to
the point, where I can now use Linux almost entirely. My current desktop
computer has only Linux on it, but my laptop came with Windows 7, so I
installed Linux on it in a dual boot configuration. The road hasn't been
smooth and easy, but I was determined not to let one company dictate to
me when I had to upgrade my OS and send them a check for it! The only
time I boot up Windows now is when I just can't get something done with
Linux, which is almost never! I will admit, there is a steep learning
curve, but for the most part, there are avenues where plenty of friendly
help is available, this mailing list is just one example.

So Thomas, if you really want to use Linux I would encourage you to not
give up. I know that you can be "a happy, skilled Linux user" if you
will just persevere and don't be too shy to ask for help. Many, many
times on Linux forums it is repeated "No question is a stupid question."
I know, we all don't want to sound ignorant and stupid, but it really is
true, "No question is a stupid question." After all, we were all newbies
at one point. None of us arrived at where we are without asking
questions. I know how frustrating it can be, but I also know that you
can become a skilled Linux user, just hang in there. But, like it has
been said, "Linux isn't for everyone." So, whichever way you go, I bid
you Godspeed!


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