[xubuntu-users] Problems Booting after 15.10-16.04 Upgrade

Karagkiaouris Diamantis diam.karag.dev at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 18:19:48 UTC 2016

Dear John,

Have you installed the proprietary drivers for you machine in the 
previous installation before upgrade? That's the cause of many "black" 
screens in boot menu. If this is the case you must remove them and 
install the open source one. Also it would be helpful if you could check 
lightdm (the corresponding gdm) with the following command:

sudo systemctl status lightdm.service

Kind Regards,

Am 30/04/2016 um 08:57 μμ schrieb John Deakin:
> I have just tried updating a Dell laptop using the on-line procedure. 
> When the setup was complete and I did a re-boot the OS just came up 
> with a blank screen and the system seemed to go into suspension.
> The only way I can boot is to select Recovery mode in Grub and then 
> select Resume normal boot on the Recovery window. This then returns to 
> the Recovery window and I have to repeat the same procedure.
> The OS then finally reboots into graphics mode and all is well after 
> that.
> Any ideas please on what went wrong and how I can corrects things?
> regards,
> John

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