[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 16.04

Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 11:13:06 UTC 2016

On Thu, 28 Apr 2016 11:12:45 +0200
jules s <s.julez at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Neil!
> I highly recommend that you read the release-notes :
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/FinalRelease/Xubuntu
> I am myself a big fan of the lts releases which runs on basically all
> of my machines. However, I'm also a big fan of the terminal so my
> question is why it appears to be a bad thing to install software via
> terminal? apt is (in my point of view) the one and only package
> manager you'll ever need ;-)
Yes, I do use it a lot. My point is that the new software manager is
supposed to be an improvement. So far it is not.
> Next Point is that the first 16.04 lts release will be issued
> sometime in coming june. The current release are not LTS yet ( this
> is why 'apt-get dist-upgrade' doesn't show any available update yet
> in your 14.04 version.
Have I got this wrong then? I thought this was the final version and
was finished. I must check.

> I didn't try the ne version yet but I'm looking forward to it when the
> official lts will be released. I'm sure it can't be THAT bad ;-)

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