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Dugite-Code dugite at peekread.info
Thu Apr 28 09:06:27 UTC 2016

I'm running 16.04. I Wouldn't call it a disaster but I have had some
teething issues with this release. 

With my install the Gnome software manager almost always fails to find
many common packages, apparently this is because it won't list packages
that are missing some appdata. I did have some issues with installation
failures often needing to do:

> apt-get -f install

to fix. Recently this stopped being an issue, not sure why 

For missing software apparently in fedora you would run:

> gsettings set org.gnome.software require-appdata false

in order to see all available packages. Haven't figured out how to do
this for xubuntu yet. If anyone knows I would really like that info.


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On 2016-04-28 4:02 pm, Neil Winchurst wrote:

> I have just had a look at the new version of Xubuntu. I did this by
> burning it to a USB stick and running from there. I have not
> installed it.
> My first impression is, what a disaster, but perhaps that is just me.
> Has anyone else had a look yet? For a start the only way I found to
> install some new software was via a terminal. So I installed synaptic
> using that  and then used it to add other items. I could not get the
> new software manager to find anything that was not already installed.
> Again, perhaps it is just me.
> My current version is 14.04 (I concentrate on the LTS versions) so
> perhaps there have been lots of changes along the way that I have
> missed.
> I have also had a look at Mint Rosa Xfce version and that looks great.
> So, has anyone had a go at version 16.04?
> Just wondering,
> Neil

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