[xubuntu-users] My issues with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS Beta 2 so far

Roy sp-pua at hotmail.fr
Mon Apr 18 08:16:10 UTC 2016

Hello guys !

I wanted to share with you the problem I've listed so far, and know if 
others experienced them or not to see if they're related to the 
distribution itself or to the Intel Skylake support :

- brightness randomly changes (whether I'm using the iGPU or the dGPU)
- mouse cursor disappears after waking up from sleep (whether I'm using 
the iGPU or the dGPU)
- when using the Intel iGPU, everything freezes right after login one 
out of two times. A restart usually solves the problem, don't have this 
problem using the Nvidia dGPU

Config : MSI Laptop GE62-6QF, i7 6700hq, GTX 970M, 16Go DDR4, SSD M.2 
SATA 500Go

Hope this can be useful to others ! Have a nice day


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