[xubuntu-users] DropBox and its Icon

Rob Ward rl.ward at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 14 05:19:43 UTC 2016

Now this is curious....
For some reason now when I execute the following commands-

/rob at DesktopUbuntu:~$ sudo dropbox stop//
//[sudo] password for rob: //
//Dropbox daemon stopped.//
rob at DesktopUbuntu:~$ sudo DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="" dropbox start//
//Starting Dropbox...Dropbox isn't running!//
rob at DesktopUbuntu:~$ /

The red slashed circle is removed from the Indicator Plugin widget by 
"dropbox stop" and the next command requests the sudo access for the 
Dropbox folder, and installs the proper Dropbox icon, fully functional, 
into the Notification widget.  However on a reboot, it reverts to the 
red slashed circle back in the Indicator Plugin, and requires the above 
script again to correct it.  This is new behaviour, previously I had not 
been able to get a proper working Dropbox icon at all.


On 14/04/16 11:51, Rob Ward wrote:
> Hi Folks, thanks, so far..
> @David  I checked the Notification service and found it was greyed 
> out, so I assume it was was already running?  I also looked it up in 
> "Sessions and Startup" in Settings and the Notification was ticked so 
> I presume it is initialised.  However I can it hiding down the far 
> right hand end of Panel about 1 pixel wide.  I put some stuff in it 
> successfully eg CPU speed. But when I restarted the computer the 
> red-circle-slash-icon appeared only in the Indicator part of the Panel.
> However it would seem I should only need one and not both, so have I 
> got my Distro's mixed and installed something that was not 100% 
> designed to work on Xubuntu??
> @Robert
> I changed my ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd script to the below (I have a 
> different version it would seem so I only added the second line).
> #!/bin/sh
> PAR=$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")
> exec "$PAR/dropbox-lnx.x86-3.16.1/dropboxd" "$@"
> On a restart the line stayed there, but I can see you suggest erasing 
> the session info?  Can I just erase the folder contents at 
> /home/rob/.cache/sessions/  ?? and then do a restart??
> I don't understand what you are saying after "Update:" below but I 
> feel I know why you are suggesting it.  If I have got the Dropbox 
> thing in a knot by my previous experiments, they may not untangle 
> unless the history is cleared, and force a total clean Dropbox start?
> On one reboot I was asked for the "sudo" password to enable access to 
> the Dropbox folder.  I thought I had made a break through, but the 
> same problem as originally outlined has continued.
> Rob

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