[xubuntu-users] Setting up a new install

Carl Snyder carlwsnyder at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 22:25:28 UTC 2015

Assuming nothing I am making suggestions:
1. A 3TB drive needs to be formatted with a gpt partition table to access
more than 2TB with 4096 byte or smaller granularity for files.  This also
is a probable cause of the 1M section which is unusable.
2. You can only have 4 total primary partitions, including a partition
designated for holding logical partitions. This has been true since
MS/PC-DOS 3.x. This would give you your / partition, the DOS partition,
your logical partition, and one more possible primary partition.
3. Yes, you can put /swap in a logical partition. I have done so.
4. You can't designate any encryption until AFTER you have successfully
partitioned and formatted the partition.
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