[xubuntu-users] Upgrading BIOS

John Deakin john at humanaspects.co.uk
Wed Nov 18 14:25:32 UTC 2015


With the new release, 15.10, I have to upgrade the BIOS in my Dell
Vostro computer. The interlacing on my screen is shot with the upgrade
and I have been told that the BIOS is at fault.

I have tried a number of ways found in various web sites and have failed
on all attempt. They all involve some sort of DOS emulation and have
either failed during the procedure or I judged the instructions either
incomplete or beyond my competence.

If you know of any simple, "foolproof" procedure to upgrade with
Vx20-104.EXE please help me out.

01367 820542
N51°36'49.88", W1°32'32.90"

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