[xubuntu-users] 15.10 Occasionally Hard Freezes

Ian ian at loosescre.ws
Tue Nov 17 09:56:24 UTC 2015

A couple of times per week xubuntu 15.10 hard freezes. This didn't happen
for me with either of the previous versions of xubuntu (14.10, 14.04) I ran
on the same hardware. In the past when I have had problems with previous
versions of xubuntu I have been able to resolve them by switching to one of
the TTYs and killing/restarting the offending process or at least poke
around and identify the cause. With these freezes I have been experiencing
in 15.10 I can't even switch to a TTY. I was just watching a video and the
computer froze, repeating the sound buffer endlessly. It reminds me of

Any ideas for debugging/identifying the cause? I don't see anything in the

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