[xubuntu-users] White screen before login and mouse weirdness

Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Thu Jul 16 14:06:03 UTC 2015

I got a nice, new computer today, and to my surprise it has the same
odd problems that my old computer had. Before now, I had chalked these
down to a probable driver problem and configuration mishap, but now
that can no longer be the case.

1) When I boot, before the lightdm login screen appears, the screen
turns white. I need to press a mouse button, and then the normal login
screen appears as usual.

I was using an AMD card before, but now I'm using the GPU built into my
Intel 4790K, so it can't be a driver issue. This happens right after a
fresh install, so I haven't changed anything configuration-wise that
could cause it.

2) Using the scroll wheel on the desktop to switch workspaces switches
the wrong way. That is, if I'm on desktop 1 and roll up on the scroll
wheel, I'm switched to desktop 4. No, I don't have "reverse direction"
enabled in the settings, and it behaves normally in applications.

This is on a fresh install of 15.04 - has anyone else seen these?


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