[xubuntu-users] no video after wake-up

Thomas Blasejewicz nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp
Thu Jan 22 00:41:26 UTC 2015

Good morning
I am using a Mouse notebook TW9, 4-core Intel chip with 2.4 GHz, 4 GB
RAM and 500 GB HDD
Before I had xubuntu 14.04 (precisely a version for translators =
tuxtrans) 32-bit installed.
With that version (until it went otherwise over the edge) this problem
did NOT occur.
Now I installed the same xubuntu 14.04 tuxtrans 64-bit version.
When I close the lid of the PC, it goes to sleep. Fine.
When I open the lid, it wakes up (shortly), asks me for my password and
when I enter that,
the display goes black = no display at all. The CPU fan also stops.

As I said, this did NOT happen with the 32-bit version.
Neither with Fedora or kubuntu, which I also tried.
(I have the same problem with a very old desktop, using lubuntu 14.04,
which also does not display anything after wakeup)

1) What is this all about?
2) How can I fix it??

Thank you.

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