[xubuntu-users] Renaming mp3 files from meta data

Andy Proctor xubuntu.list at gpshelp.co.uk
Sun Jan 11 14:56:51 UTC 2015


I have an interesting problem and I wonder if anyone in the group knows 
a way to solve my problem.

Following a backup disk partition table meltdown I had to use 
Testdisk/Photorec to recover the files on the disk and this was pretty 
successful, over 42,000 files recovered, lots of my photos, documents 
and music recovered. I have separated each file type and Photorec was 
somewhat successful in extracting filenames from document meta data, but 
thats about it. My current challenge is to organise over 1200 mp3 file 
helpfully with the file names like f6920578.mp3 or f8493023.mp3. Opening 
the files with gmusicbrowswer it is clear that the meta data is still 
present in the files and gives artist, title and album.

To save me opening >1200 files one by one, there must be a way to read 
the meta data and rename the file or as a minimum sort by meta data? A 
web search has not produced many pearls of wisdom, apart from a program 
called mp3tag which is unfortunately M$Windows based.

Any wisdom from the experts on this list at all please?

Running xubuntu 14.10 on an asus 1225b kernel 3.16.0-28 if that helps. 
I'm not a total newbie but not a programmer either :)



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