[xubuntu-users] Renaming mp3 files from meta data

steve verner.steven at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 15:15:25 UTC 2015

> To save me opening >1200 files one by one, there must be a way to read 
> the meta data and rename the file or as a minimum sort by meta data? A 
> web search has not produced many pearls of wisdom, apart from a 
> program called mp3tag which is unfortunately M$Windows based.
> Any wisdom from the experts on this list at all please?
> Running xubuntu 14.10 on an asus 1225b kernel 3.16.0-28 if that helps. 
> I'm not a total newbie but not a programmer either :)
> Thanks
> Andy
I know some of the other players have the option to have them rename the 
files automatically from the metadata.


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