[xubuntu-users] Sudden loss of WiFi during updating

Michele Mor m.mor.mail at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 22:19:59 UTC 2015

Hi David.
If you don't have much personal data, or if you can do a backup I would
simply use a new version of Xubuntu and reinstall everything formatting the

I know that it's quite drastic, but probably quicker than trying to fix


On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 9:26 AM, David Walland <davidwalland at googlemail.com>

> Hi All,
> I was updating my Xubuntu this morning when it announced that it had
> failed to download and stopped.  Since then I haven't been able to
> reconnect to WiFi.  It continually tries then asks for the password for the
> wifi, repeated ad nauseum.
> Now I have two identical laptops, so, knowing the other has a perfect,
> identical, wifi board, I swapped the HDDs over, only to discover:
> a) The other machine with the Xubuntu SSD transplanted now can't connect
> to WiFi, although it could when it was running Win XP
> and
> b) the computer that couldn't connect under Xubuntu, happily connects when
> running Win XP!
> So the problem *has* to lie in the Xubuntu system.  This is my "Notebook"
> and I will need it running next Monday and Tuesday, as I'm on a course then.
> Here's the system details:
> The machine is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 (yes I know it's virtually
> scrap - that's why I can use it as my Workbook, it's not even worth
> stealing!)
> It has been upgraded to a Pentium 4 and has 1 GB memory and an 80 GB SSD.
> The WiFi Board is an Intel 2200 one.
> The system is running Xubuntu 12.04 (personal taste).
> I'm still a fairly new newbie and would appreciate fullest explanations of
> how to sort this out (please talk down to me!!!) and how to generate any
> further information the list might need to help me.
> I am wondering if the drivers have been corrupted and if so, how to remove
> and re-install them.  The system runs fine on a wired connection.
> Thanks in anticipation,
> David Walland
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