[xubuntu-users] Greetings and question

Fernando fearga at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 1 22:30:13 UTC 2015

Thanks, Jonny and Gordon.
Let me try your suggestions and then I will write back. 
I know that this is not a real issue, since everything else is working like a charm. In fact, this is the best my computer has ever worked; not even with the original MS Windows OS with which it came from the store did it work this fast and nicely. My experience with Xubuntu this far has been very succesful!! Congrats to everybody involved in the development of this distro!!
But... I just don't get used to my computer being completely mute. There is something very gratifying in it "talking back" to me whenever I click here or there. Silly me. 
Ok. Will try your suggestions as soon as possible. Back to work...

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