[xubuntu-users] Problems after updating 14.04

George F. Nemeyer tigerwolf at tigerden.com
Mon Sep 22 20:56:27 UTC 2014

On Mon, 22 Sep 2014, David Walland wrote:

> Where do I find /var/log/dmesg?  I've spent ages looking for it
> without success.

Dmesg isn't a log file as such.  It's a dynamic snapshot of kernel-related
messages that are kept in a limited-memory buffer.  For that reason, the
oldest entries eventually disappear.

Just type 'dmesg' at a prompt to see it.

Many distros (at least intelligent ones) will save the initial dmesg info
to a file in /var/log in order to keep the bootup messages for later

You can also do this manually at a prompt:
        dmesg > /path/to/some/filename
which redirects the usual console output to a named file.

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