[xubuntu-users] random screen blanks hp6910p

GothSpark Imvu gothsparkimvu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 19:28:25 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I installed Xubuntu a month ago on my hp compaq 6910p everything
worked fine until a recent update ( I cannot pinpoint the one causing
this) what happends is that when I go to youtube play a  2 video in a
row, one after an other, on the third link even if i keep the laptop
on the main and active, my screen goes blank as if the laptop goes
into sleep mode but , the sound of the video start and i seam to not
be able to wake the screen back up, i can shutdown by going blindly
into tty1 and still in tty when this happend the screen does not come
alive as if the graphic chipset actualy died.
I had the same problem on Ubuntu Gnome when i had more then 3 broswer
tab opened.

I cannot reboot , the bios hang with a speaker tone that sounds like
the fan but a bit louder.

the laptop is refurbished so I guess it is still under warenty for the
work done on it.

can it be a driver issue or the graphic chipset dying ?

 ~ Spark

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