[xubuntu-users] switch keyboard layout

Thomas Blasejewicz nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp
Mon Nov 3 14:46:54 UTC 2014

Good evening
(running xubuntu 14.04; clean new install)

I have trouble switching the KB layout.

I did setup (1) Japanese KB + (2) German (querty) KB
switching is set to "Alt+shift".
If I set it, it works ONCE.
But as soon as I touch the KB icon or switch between Japanese
"alphanumeric" input and "character" input,
the switching fails and the German KB indicator disappears.

If I set the switching anew to "Alt+shift", or anything else, if will
work (again) once - as long as I do not touch the KB icon.

I also tried to change the "type of keyboard" to several forms available from a list
as well as about any setting I could find. No change.

This is really idiotic and I have spend already many hours is trying to
fix it.
Is there no way to make Linux remember that shortcut???
On a Mouse computer with exactly the same system installed, it "somehow"
(having "only" the glitch, that the icon indicating alphanumeric/Jap.
character input does never change, even though the input method changes)

Thank you.
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