[xubuntu-users] New LTS version 14.04

Gillard Xavier xgill at galephar.be
Tue May 27 06:31:11 UTC 2014

On 2014/05/26 at 05:55pm, Neil wrote:

> Using the menu item in v14.04 is fine for a package that always needs 
> root.  If I choose gparted from the menu for example I am asked for 
> the root password. Fine. However using Alt-F2 does not work. If I just 

>Answer 1: The application menu is probably set up to launch a graphical version of sudo such as gtksudo (or maybe ksudo or gsudo, or whatever software the DE uses). So, with Alt-F2, you would want to do >the same thing - "gtksudo gparted", for example. Gtksudo would pop up the password box you are used to.


it's actually "gksudo" in Xubuntu, and it will work perfectly. 


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